Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Android for Netbeans - a short guide

1. Download android sdk
Run SDK Setup.exe to select versions. If you have problems, click on Settings to force it to use http instead of https. If force doesn't work, retype url.

2. Download Netbeans 6.8, and install. 6.5 no longer supported by nbandroid

3. Start Netbeans
  • Click tools/plugin/settings
  • Add Update Centers: nbandroid set URL:http://kenai.com/downloads/nbandroid/updates.xml
  • Go to Available Plugins, look for Android and install it.
  • Click tools/Java Platform
  • Add Platform, select appropriate android directory.

3. Go to android sdk/tools directory
  • run: android list targets
  • See what targets are available, use in next command
  • run: android create avd -n 'name' -t 'id'
  • where 'name' is a name that you choose and 'id' is the id for avd found in list targets command.

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